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Mentions in Past Press

Anatomy Trains E-Magizine: Issue 7 Fascia

Pages 28-59 has an interview with Bruce Schonfeld on The Secret Life of Fascia documentary series.

ARTISTIC VIEWS ON FASCIA – Explorations of human connective (t)issues

Welcome to a discovery tour of the human fascial network as seen through different artistic perspectives.

This will include among others

  • the premiere showing of Bruce Schonfeld´s film ‘The Secret Life of Fascia’ (see trailer)
  • poetry readings from Gil Hedley PhD
  • exploration of the sculptural #boxtape installation of the Canadian artists Peter Trosztmer & Jeremy Gardaneer
  • an exciting fascia inspired dance performance
  • opportunity to interact and exchange with other fascia inspired visitors and performers.

Acknowledgements need to be expressed for the essential support and contributions from:


September 2018 A sporadic newsletter from the Fascia Research Group, Ulm University Dear colleagues, We are pleased to share with you some new information relating to the field of fascia. This time we start with organizational matters right at the beginning; scientific news follow afterwards. Additional activities around the Fascia Congress The international www.fasciacongress.org in Berlin, planned for 14/15 November 2018, which is held every three years, has already reached maximal enrollment capacity. Currently, the possibility is being explored for late registrants using another large room in the conference center for the plenary lectures. Furthermore, a congress on the topic of Fascia in the Osteopathic Field – in Clinical Context (www.osteopathie-schule.de/osteopathy-congress-2018) will be held in the same building immediately afterwards. On the evening of November 13th, 2018 an additional event ‘Artistic Views on Fascia’ will take place, which contains several artistic contents about fascia, among them the premiere of the movie ‘The Secret Life of Fascia’ by Bruce Schonfeld. More under www.fascia-art-berlin.eventbrite.com



Fascia Illuminated: 5th International Fascia Research Congress

Last update 23/09/2018

This 90-minute presentation will show the beauty and intrigue of fascia in a series of video and slide shows with a leading-edge view into the connective tissue matrix. Jean Claude Guimberteau MD, Gil Hedley PhD, Rolfer/filmmaker Bruce Schonfeld, creator of the documentary film “The Secret Life of Fascia”, among others, will take the audience on an unforgettable exploration of the human form.

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